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Emily Finnegan, Local Government Commission
Hi Everyone, if you have questions for the presenters or comments - please type them into the chat here or “raise your hand” in the Participant bar.
Terry Gerson
Is there a current community plan or is this the first?
Rebecca Falk
Yes, there is a current CP and I'm happy to send it to anyone who want it--will send to you.
Eric Lardy, County of SD
There is an existing Borrego Springs Community Plan, last updated comprehensively in 2011. https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/dam/sdc/pds/docs/CP/Borrego_Springs_CP.pdf
Meet Panchal - CivicSpark Fellow - Borrego Water District
How does the county see the integration of SGMA ( water use) with land use planning for Borrego Springs?
Polly Macuga
does the plan address utilities? such as internet access? addressing the cost of electricity from SDGE?
Betsy Knaak
Eric, We're about 10 years out from the last adopted Community Plan. Will the "life span" of this revision be about 10-12 years as well?
Esmeralda Garcia
I have a comment/question when there ia a chance please.
Laura Brecht
How does a big box store fit into our existing plan?
Polly Macuga
internet access and other utilities will have an impact on what Ben just said
Laura Brecht
Until this next plan gets implemented, we are living with the former one. How do these things being decided on now fit into the existing plan?
Howard Blackson
Laura, yes, you are living with the existing Community Plan as the policy in place today. County staff reviews the proposed project with the policies and zoning rules in place today.
Laura Brecht
What are we required to do in order to have ur vision reflected in the zoning?
Laura Brecht
Would that take a couple of years beyond the “plan”?
Howard Blackson
Laura, you are required to form a Community Plan, and the elements of the Community Plans are outlined in the General Plan. An adopted Community Plan is then reflected in the zoning that needs to updated for BS to implement the plan.
Howard Blackson
The zoning might be updated with the Community Plan or it might be within 2 years of adopted... Know that the County is updating their zoning ordinance in the next few years as well and believe they are aligned with these series of CP updates.
Laura Brecht
Does the existing zoning for BS reflect the existing plan?
Howard Blackson
Laura, I'm not sure. We'll ask the County/Eric.
Howard Blackson
See! Eric is a great person to talk to.
Laura Brecht
So a Dollar store conforms to the existing zoning?
Emily Finnegan, Local Government Commission
Here’s the previous BVSC effort that I mentioned. BVSC and LGC convened a workgroup to compile all of the current community conditions, water and land-use planning processes, and some draft community priorities that have been elevated locally (e.g. through the County’s Revitalization Committee). This document was used to scope out what it would take to implement an integrated watershed-scale master plan that incorporates land use planning, water management, economic priorities, and community needs. This document is in draft form, but LGC would love to hear your feedback: https://www.lgc.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/FINAL-Draft-Integrated-Masterplan-Scoping-Proposal_1.10.2020-4.pdf
Howard Blackson
Laura, unfortunately I do not know the current project you are referencing. If you see the County Planner contact name on the proposal application, please call them and ask.
Laura Brecht
It seems during this visioning process there may be some lame duck policies/projects!
Howard Blackson
Laura, if you are finding a failure in today's Community Plan/Zoning, this is the type of information that helps to inform the future Community Plan.
Laura Brecht
I am not familiar with the current plan as yet — just asking questions as to how this works. thanks,
Emily Finnegan, Local Government Commission
BVSC website: https://borregovalleystewardshipcouncil.org/
David Leibert
I hope we can fix the spoke streets and lot limitations around Christmas Circle so we can see some future development.
Ben Nourse
let’s lower the average age of those providing input. this is for them!